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TEL:86-769-85604313 ,85604312,85789757,85789767
Address:JiChiLing Industrial Zone, Dalingshan Town Dongguan City, Guangdong Province China
  • 8 2012-11-23
    What service FuMing Button offer ?
    FuMing Button are specialize in plastic snap button with many different size color and OEM welcome,and automatic snap fastening machine for many different products such as cloth...
  • 8 2012-11-27
    Where can find FuMing Button ?
    You have many different way to search FuMing Button : First by Google you use website : , second from Alibaba by DongGuan FuMing Button Co.,Ltd , third from glob...
  • 8 2013-1-5
    What products FuMing selling ?
    Plastic snap button and automatic snap fastening machine !
  • 8 2013-1-18
    History of FuMing plastic snap button ?
    FuMing plastic snap button just finish the celebration of the 9 Years party on 17th Jan 2013 , the next year will have big party for 10 years !
  • 8 2013-2-23
    Where can use plastic snap button ?
    Plastic snap button it is more and more popular now, the funciton are similar with velcro and YKK zipper .They are widely used on baby diapers, baby clothes, worker clothes, rai...
  • 8 2012-11-22
    Where is FuMing Located ?
    FuMing Located in DaLingShan Town, DongGuan City . It is near DongGuan train station, Shenzhen airport , Guangzhou airport !
  • 8 2013-3-2
    How many size for plastic snap button we offer ?
    FuMing are specialize in plastic snap button for over 10 years, We could arrange full sets of plastic snap buttons from 7mm to 18mm;such as 0710,0910,1010,1110,1210,1311,1313,14...
  • 8 2013-2-23
    Plastic snap buttons and Metal snap buttons compare ?
    Plastic snap buttons are Eco friendly , Cheaper price , washable, non-rust ,low and high temperature resist , less weight can save shipping cost ;We already have heavy duty plas...
  • 8 2013-3-2
    How we call plastic snap button ?
    Plastic snap button have different name on different area , also different companies have different user name ;Such as in China we call them Plastic snap button , but in USA ,Au...
  • 8 2014-1-5
    Why we suggest buy plastic snap button and snap machine in the same company ?
    To use same company plastic snap button and automatic snap machine will be better for your production, if any problem happen will be easy to solve ,but if you use different comp...
  • 8 2016-2-27
    What Certificate of FM snaps have ?
    FM snaps are pass Oeko Tex Standard 100 certificate , SGS report , and also the fctory are ISO factory ;
  • 8 2012-11-22
    How to contact FuMing Button ?
    You can call us , from our website : will help you get all phone number or you send email to us :
  • 8 2013-1-5
    Advantage of FM-200 Automatic snap fastening machine ?
    Fm-200 automatic snap fastening machine it is the best machine used for plastic snap button , they are working fast without any stop ! Their design are different with others and...
  • 8 2013-3-9
    How to use Snap Pliers ?
    Snap pliers it is a hand tools for house wife and home made products using , they can fit for different size of plastic snap buttons , and the price are cheap with easy handle t...
  • 8 2013-3-9
    How to choose plastic snap button ?
    Our plastic snap button have different type tightness we call them S loose, H loose and H tight etc , depends on your materila need to find the right tightness snaps .For exampl...
  • 8 2013-3-2
    How Snap Pliers for Plastic snap button ?
    Snap pliers are used of plastic snap button attaching , one pliers could fit for different size of snaps , only need to check the die sets accordingly. Baby diapers, baby cloth...
  • 8 2013-10-18
    Is it possible to match all parts color?
    Yes, we can do DTM for our Plastic snap fasteners. Please provide us a fabric swatch.
  • 8 2013-10-18
    What size do you have?
    FuMing button size : 7mm, 9mm, 10mm, 10.5mm, 11mm, 11.5mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm ,17mm and 18mm
  • 8 2013-10-18
    What is sampling order quantity?
    Orders up to 500Sets/ are free (please cover postage). ? on the premise that you'll place bulk order later on.
  • 8 2013-10-18
    How to fasten snaps?
    To fasten plastic snaps, proper diesmolds or machines are needed. We can sell it. It takes 15days to make a brand new machine ? on the premise that you'll place bulk ord...
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